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  1. Hi, I'm getting the following error while trying to run a modal analysis in Optistruct. Could anyone help me make sense of this? ANALYSIS RESULTS : ------------------ ITERATION 0 *** ERROR # 825 *** The run will be stopped due to the previously encountered fatal error from the element generation routine in preprocessing: Number of failed elements = 1 Last encountered error code = 15 The previous error is encountered in subroutine prpdrv. This error is issued in subroutine elqcdrv. *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR # 8006 *** Data block effmas not in data manager dictionary. * DATAMANAGER ERROR in subroutine "locateit". **** Error 8006 in datamr() during "locate" operation. Data block name "effmas". Current memory allocation 8166 MB, Unused memory 6248 MB, Number of blocks: 280 used, 5 free. Call arguments 0, 0. *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR # 8020 *** Failed database modify command: Locating array effmas.' * DATAMANAGER ERROR in subroutine "LOCATE". This error occurs in module "wrtdrv".
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