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  1. I just wanted some recommendation, something like "at least..." or "do this, then do that..."
  2. Hello, I have the same problem and this option did not solve it
  3. Hello, could you please tell me, what EXACTLY means "one dimension is much larger than other" in the case of 1D elements? Could you please tell me EXACTLY how many times larger? Does it mean that lattice structure which is represented in OptiStruct is useless?
  4. Hello, could you please help me, I have the same problem. Let me know. Thank you
  5. @Premanand Suryavanshi Yeah, that's a pitty, it cannot be opened in Ansys Workbench. Thanks
  6. @Premanand Suryavanshi but this type of format *.cbd cannot be opened in Workbench.
  7. Hello, could you please tell me how can i export finite element mesh to Ansys WORKBENCH. Which format should I use?
  8. Hello @Prakash Pagadala Thanks for your reply. I made a mistake. So I should perform topology optimization with POROSITY=HIGH checked (in LATPRM) and then I will obtain a design with more medium dense regions, right? At this point i will have a *.sh file with density results. I now I can Import this file into HyperMesh using OSSmooth and setting threshold, for example 0.1 which will remove the elements below this density. But now I don't know how to create the "solid phase set" and "lattice phase set" with smoothed surf between them, I'm sorry. Could you please help me?
  9. And isn't there a problem when I use TIE contact to connect shell and solid elements? Because solid elements does not transfer rotation and shell does. I've made an example, please see the attached pictures. I want to connect 2 solid meshes using a TIE contact. But as you can see, the displacement and also the stre ss is different. Could you please tell me if this is a problem or where are the limitations?
  10. Hello @Pranav Hari thank you for your answer but what doest this mean to me? Relative displacement is zero means that slave nodes will move exactly the same as master nodes, right? For example, I have a long cantilever beam fixed at the end and with force applied on the other end. I will cut it to thirds. I will remove the middle part of it and set a TIE contact instead. Will the deformation be continuous? Are there any limitations of using TIE contact?
  11. Thank you @Mrt for answering me. I am able to set up the TIE contact now however I would like to ask you if there is any documentation in English which type of contact in which situation should be used and the properties of the contact. Also I would like to know if the TIE contact does add stiffness to the structure. Because if it does, it's undesirable. Could you please give me an advice/recommendation?
  12. Hello, Could anybody please provide me a documentation or a tutorial (know-how, what should be considered etc.) how to set up a contact between 2 non-matching meshes in HyperMesh properly? The regions will not touch each other, I just want to transfer a load between them. I heard that a TIE contact is used in this case. Thanks.
  13. Hello @Lala I see noone hasn't answered you yet. The lattice optimization in Inspire is performed in two phases: a) topo optimization, b) lattice optimization. In my opinion the reason why you have design error mark in lattice optimization result is that you simply can't reach the objective (for example: you wanna have 100% lattice filling) with the parameters you have prescribed. I performed an example: a) 1st run target length = 6 mm min diameter = 1 mm max diameter = 3 mm safety factor = 2 lattice filling = 100 % -> ERROR mark in results b) 2nd run target length = 6 mm min diameter = 1 mm max diameter = 3 mm safety factor = 1 lattice filling = 100 % -> results OK So what can I say about it: In my opinion Inspire is a little bit dummy in this type of optimization. Because if you wanna perform a lattice optimization you have to overestimate topo optimization results.
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