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  1. Hi All I need to execute tcl commands in an existing HM session from batch file. I know the PID of the HM session. Is there any way I can do it? I am trying to use DDE commands but it is not working out. Kindly help Regards Saumya
  2. Hi, I need to add a customized button in the panel below. Kindly help me find the solution Regards Saumya Mishra
  3. Hi all, I wanna run some script in my already opened HM session. Is there any way we can access the HM session and execute the tcl script? NOTE: I have the HM Session PID where I wanna run the script Regards Saumya
  4. Hi tinh, Thanks for the reply, This will work provided you know all the possible options for a particular card image which will change the solver keyword. I think I can work with it. Thanks Regards Saumya
  5. Hi tinh, Thanks for the reply, but there are multiple solver keywords for same card images depending on the options selected. I think there must be something to take it out, since solver browser segregates the entities based on solver keyword itself. Regards Saumya
  6. Hi, I need a command which gets me all the entities having a particular Solver Keyword. for e.g. from the snippet attached, how can I get all the sets with Solver keyword as "*SET_PART_LIST" Kindly suggest. Regards Saumya
  7. Hi, Can we have menu options in tk table? What i mean is can we right click on a cell and create menu buttons for it like modify, delete. Regards Saumya Mishra
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