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  1. Thank you, found it. I'll try it out later tonight.
  2. There is not an ambient light in Evolve 2016. What could I use to give an overall light value in addition to my light focused spots to an interior scene? Right know I had to place spot lights all over the place but get a lot of glares off of shiny surfaces.
  3. Is there a simpler way of adding Oscars in a model scene then making a surface in the same shape as the image cut out and adding a UV label to it? Also how would you add a plethora of tree images to a scene? Do they all have to be placed on a surface? The image example is from Zaha Hadid.
  4. Thank you Arjun. I'm glad to hear that it could be a future feature at least.
  5. I am wondering if there is a way to make construction planes override the normal grid in the orthographic views? Its hard to line things up in the perspective view only. Or is there a better way to work to line an object that I'm trying to retain relative position in a scene up besides just moving the model to line up to the normal grid?
  6. That's great. I always thought I should be able to do that in my 8.5 but never worked of coarse. I always need this feature.
  7. I had named my new hard drive with punctuation marks in it, so I renamed it without them and it solved the problem. That's a real relief. Thanks Darren, Joaquin
  8. I can't open IGES files or save sT models in the IGES format. I use to beable to open IGES files by selecting the "Enable: IGES (.igs;.iges)" format in the Open dialogue. This problem has occurred after installing a new hard drive and reinstalling operating system and all software again. I reinstalled sT a few times to try and correct the problem. I moved the IGES files to other folders, and tried multiple configurations in the solidThinking IGES Import box. I took my Mac PowerPC G5 to an Apple store to get checked out and they said it was fine. I really need to export IGES files to others who use other modeling programs. Thank you for any assistance Joaquin Kiley #-o
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