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  1. Thanks for your reply Arjun and also important what Frankg writes. Sorry for me it is not an easy task to get the max out of my Mac system. Needless to say I would really appreciate a solution that include Mac in a better way. I love Inspire.
  2. Hi, I am on an iMac with a AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB-grafic...alright fast modelling and on simple renders. Are there any options I could use to get a faster rendering time? Any experience on having an external videocard or rigging up with an extra mac?
  3. I have been working with Inspire Studio 2019.3.2 in two weeks on an iMac...no bugs so far and no system-failure/force quit at all. I have the impression it is solid and even more stable than Evolve. A lot of new interface to learn though ;-)
  4. Fantastic...and I really like the new Studio Inspire...a really valuable upgrade to Evolve ;-)
  5. How would you make a helix (Curve) in Studio Inspire as you could in Evolve?
  6. Hi, I have kept all my versions of Evolve. In my documents folder Evolve build up enormous amount of "images" in a folder called "Images". When I look in the folder I can see EVERYTHING I have created in that version of Evolve piling up. In my preferences I have put Evolve to only save 5 renderings. And I can see that every file is accompanied with 5 folders. But I did not anticipate to se EVERYTHING I have created being kept. And I have no use for it. I can't even open any of the stuff down there. There is a screenshot attached here where you hopefully can see what is cluttering my disk. Is there a good reason for this? And if not, is there a setting that stops Evolve from piling stuff up on the disk?
  7. Ok, I know about the updates for 2017....and thank you for letting me know when 2018 i available. Since a lot of us has been looking forward to the update since beginning of 2018, it would be more helpfull, if you could give a more precise guess when we can expect to se the actual update.
  8. Like to hear news on when Evolve is being upgraded ;-)
  9. It works for me...I can copy paste between open docs...but of cause a bit of a od behavior for a mac user. I have one other application that won't open two or more files. And won't open the application twice...that is annoying.
  10. Hi Darren, That would be great for the users and gives a better feel of the rest of the community that uses Evolve...and very nice when questions are piling up.
  11. You are not alone, but I feel the same...this could have been a nice place to go with your questions, but the guys behind Evolve is obviously not spending there time in this forum. When they do get back however, it is always relevant...
  12. Hi, I use Evolve 2017.1 on my current iMac 4 GHz Intel Core i7 with AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB. I plan to upgrade to iMac pro, but as I was told in a previous topic, I will not gain any particular advantage graphic-wise, since the new iMac Pro is not equipped with a NVIDIA card and CUDA. You could say the same on my current iMac that, as the iMac Pro, use the Radeon card...as I understand it the rendering and construction is mostly done by the CPU. Is it then fair to say, that an upgrade from my current iMac to the iMac Pro WOULD give me some speed, since I get more CPU power and more cores?
  13. Hi, I use the latest Evolve 2017.1 - anything I need to know before upgrading to macOS High Sierra?
  14. Thanks for your reply. My present iMac has the Radeon card installed - would the render and screen-update on heawy scenes have been better, if my prensent iMac was equipped with an NVIDEA card? Will the next version of Evolve on mac rely on the NVIDIA as much as the present version...?
  15. The new iMac Pro is out and I am about to buy one. I use Photoshop and Evolve everyday. Photoshop is working fine on my present iMac with an i7 processor and 4 cores. I would like Evolve to be faster when the scene gets more complicated and in renders with the better preset. Can you please comment on this and also how iMac Pro would work together with Evolve coming up next year: Will every core, I can afford, help, do I need the graphics card with the most RAM, what is most important?...thanks!
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