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  1. Otoy released Octane X for Apple Metal. You can look by yourself how fast it is. I tested on a MaBook 16" AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB. Works fluent, instant production ready renderings in a few seconds. So this is the proof that it is possible to render in realtime on the Mac. Read the press release here: https://home.otoy.com/octane-x-pr1/ Best regards Frankg
  2. You are simply not a Mac Company. it would be a good for you idea to see what others can do if they support Metal. Just look at OctaneX as a side effect it will run on iOS too. Maxon is porting redshift to Metal actually. And it will be faster than the Nvidia based Version. You are loosing the game my friends. The announcement for the developers to use Metal instead of Open GL is 5 years old now! 5 years sleeping in development. There are several benefits using Metal instead of CUDA. First of all system stability. And it will also run on Intel graphics. I'm pretty sure Microsoft will drop CUDA in short too, when Vulcan is ready. Do your homework, we payed for serious work, not for playing around.
  3. I sent a long list of bugs and workflow issues to your team. This was in June 2019. i never could imagine that the final product still has these bugs, but it had. i was told that all these issues are not relevant or no productive ways of working so they will not be addressed. This is ridiculous. I work since 1987 with NURBS modellers, but I never saw one which makes it so hard to work with. For example for what reason did you remove the technical drawing environment? I need this for every project. Actually I have to load my final design in ViaCAD to make the drawings. Another one: the construction history of all Evolve Models will be removed by opening them in Studio. I have no idea what makes this “feature” professional. It kills my workflow. I have to reuse my designs. They should be modified to create new versions. If I must invest time to rebuilt them again I want to be sure you are not deciding for another new software in short which kill again my work. You say native speakers with technical background do a review of the German translation? I can’t believe. I did the localisation of many 3D packages as Alias Sketch and Upfront, Poser and Raydream Designer in 90 is . I can tell you the actual translation is no German at all. But the biggest point is that you can not use Studio on the Mac by the simple fact that someone decided to create a workflow which does not support the Trackpad, not the Magic Mouse and no other Apple input device. I tried several mice for windows, but Studio does not react every time on that unique left right mouse click and you can’t configure it a different way. The trackpad does only zoom regardless which gesture you use. So you can’t work simply by the fact you can’t navigate fast and intuitive. As a consequence of this new interface you also killed the onscreen buttons for translating, rotating and zooming the view. This is a guide to “How can I create a UI that makes it impossible to work?” As krasnocpro wrote: no one ever has worked with this software at least no one who does design work. I don’t think you have many customers and for me I wonder if not Fusion 360 is the better choice. I paid two times for no update and at last came Studio with half the features, but as an annual subscription and nearly no support, weak documentation and slow development. Just tell me one reason why to stay. regards Frank
  4. Hi, I have the same feelings like the thread starter. What led you to the decision to replace Evolve with Inspire Studio? It it incredible slow, does not support actual Macs. The only Macs supported are at least 5 years old! You took my money for doing exactly nothing what helps in my daily work. As a professional customer I do not even get an answer of you team by e-mail. Sorry to say it this harsh but the actual release is a big fail. The most worst made piece of software I ever saw in 30 years of experience. By the way: the german "translation" is a joke, too - a bad one. I'm absolutely disappointed. Frankg
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