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  1. Hi, Please give us more detail at:: Support
  2. For such cases, use right click - rotate forward/backward options once you complete the bridge. This is a common issue because it is hard for the system to decide what you want. It is not a bug. fix_bridge.mov
  3. Hi Paulo, To find conflicts you need to dig into the failed object. Select the top most broken object ( in your case it looks like the surface extract) In the construction tree - find the lowest or earliest broken object. Fix the earliest broken object Tree will update. Repeat step 2 until all objects are fixed after recalculation. Feel free to attach your file here for us to look.
  4. Spline is not currently supported within sketching but you can use intersect curve to get the result you want. Trimming splines will be available in the upcoming release, most likely 20.2 (sep)
  5. Hi Lunau, Higher CUDA cores = faster rendering. Due to the technology we use in rendering that depends on CUDA, AMD GPUs will never be as fast as NVIDIA. Even an older gen 1080 will blow newer AMD out of the water. I have tried e-GPU with AMD card on Catalina but it did not work as expected due to several roadblocks implemented by Apple. They want developers to use their "Metal" framework. This means we have to redirect all CUDA efforts to satiate limited users on Mac. However, you can leverage network rendering by using a very basic windows desktop with a good NVIDIA card. For ex: a basic interl core i5 with 16 GB ram and small HDD with a good mid range NVIDIA card such as a 1080 or 2060 super. If you are end up investing into a rendering desktop and can stretch your budget, I suggest either going for an RTX 4000 or similarly priced GeForce card.
  6. If you have no rail curves or edges, the constraint box is editable after selecting your profiles. Select profile edges or curves Right click Edit the constraint / continuity type in the control panel At this time the focus is lost from the guide bar since you clicked inside the control panel. Click the green check mark to complete the Loft. If you find that the constraint option is locked, it is because no profiles or rails are currently selected in the edit mode.
  7. Sorry Mario, i should have been clearer. Blend = Loft with at least tangent continuity (may or may not be curvature). So essentially using loft you can blend two edges and apply required continuity with greater control. loft.mp4
  8. We have found a bug on MacOS 10.15 where the users are unable to select .dat file (license file) to activate their license through the license wizard. The workaround is as follows: Quit Evolve/LicenseWizard Copy the license file to /Applications/Evolve 2017.3.4/Security Rename the copied file as altair_lic.dat Launch Evolve If the problem persists or you are unable to activate your copy of the license, send us a support request here
  9. Almost all use cases of pipe are now supported with sweep. (except multiple paths that was allowed with pipe) Blend surface - use loft MetaCurve - a workaround is the sketch with fillet option. (no discussion on bringing back metacurve atm)
  10. To speed up history, try changing the tessellation. In the bottom right, there are view control. Click the visual properties tool. visual_Prop.mp4
  11. Your approach is probably the most common way to achieve the result. However there is a new feature inside the rendering ribbon that lets you bevel edges without creating fillets. Here you can control the angle and fillet radius to given an illusion of a fillet.
  12. Hi Sampath, The material file written only takes into account the visual properties of the object. We do not support physical material export to obj format since it is almost impossible to convert an Evolve material to an .mtl format. However, the exported file when read back in should not default as you are seeing. This is a bug and we have lodged an issue with the translator dev team. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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