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  1. Almost all use cases of pipe are now supported with sweep. (except multiple paths that was allowed with pipe) Blend surface - use loft MetaCurve - a workaround is the sketch with fillet option. (no discussion on bringing back metacurve atm)
  2. To speed up history, try changing the tessellation. In the bottom right, there are view control. Click the visual properties tool. visual_Prop.mp4
  3. Your approach is probably the most common way to achieve the result. However there is a new feature inside the rendering ribbon that lets you bevel edges without creating fillets. Here you can control the angle and fillet radius to given an illusion of a fillet.
  4. Hi Sampath, The material file written only takes into account the visual properties of the object. We do not support physical material export to obj format since it is almost impossible to convert an Evolve material to an .mtl format. However, the exported file when read back in should not default as you are seeing. This is a bug and we have lodged an issue with the translator dev team. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  5. Hi, If you are using a network license on a Mac or PC, please update the server application. If your existing license file fails to work, obtain a new license by submitting your ETHERNET ID using the form here. For PC users, please use the sT 2017 License Setup Guide and replace licensing13.2 with licensing14.0 Mac_network_lic.pdf sT 2017 License Setup Guide.doc.pdf
  6. Hi, If you are using a dongle license, please update the dongle driver by visiting the link below. You have to select the right OS to filter the download list. GUI runtime installers are the simplest to use. HASP DONGLE DRIVER UPDATE
  7. Dear users, Please download the latest 2017.3.3 hot fix for Mac OS 10.14 here. https://solidthinking.com/support-training/evolve/downloads/ Thank you for your patience, AA
  8. Hi, Yes, we are aware of the fact that this is happening with Mac OS 10.14 and apologize for the inconvenience. It happens due to some outdated libraries. We are definitely releasing a patch in the coming few weeks.
  9. Evolve 2017.3.2 has been available for a while now. Please download and try this tool again. https://solidthinking.com/DownloadProducts.aspx?category=Download&item=Products
  10. Hi Mark, We cannot snap to construction plane intersections atm. Your second option is a good workaround. I usually create a surface and project my source curves. I use tool he CTRL option of intersect curves to select a tool curve and trim the projections. I hope the attached video gives you a better idea! cplane_workaround.mov
  11. Once you trim to get the blue part, use surface offset with thickness enabled. Extrusion will not follow surface normals precisely.
  12. Ok I spoke to one of the developers and in a nut shell, Yes, the new iMac Pro will be faster in rendering. If you are primarily using Evolve for modeling, then the cost might outweigh the purported benefits.
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