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  1. Hello, please talk to your Altair account manager. Thanks, Matthieu
  2. Hello, Please note that it takes a few business days to process licensing requests. If you still get no reply in the next few days, please check your Spam folder, then write us to support@solidthinking.com. Thanks, Matthieu
  3. Hi Matteo, You can see them using callouts. Please see more details in the Grounded Fastener Optimization tutorial. Matthieu
  4. For modeling it does not make a difference. 3D modeling will produce a bigger Finite Element model and therefore take more memory for solving analysis or optimization.
  5. You can edit your model in Inspire. Please have a look at our Modeling tutorials
  6. Hello, Here are a few tips to help you with your model: We recommend that you do not apply loads and supports directly on design space but separate your part in 2 regions (design space and non-design space) and apply your loads on non-design space You should run an analysis of your original design and check the safety factor on this one. If your safety factor on the original part is already below your objective safety factor then optimization will likely fail. Thanks, Matthieu
  7. Hello, We do not support Inspire on MAC anymore. If you want to use the latest version of Inspire on your MAC you can try our new Inspire Unlimited at http://unlimited.solidthinking.com/inspire/ Evolve will support retina display in its 2018 release. Thanks, Matthieu
  8. Hello, Licenses can only be used on one machine. Can you please let us know the detailed info of your machine? Processor Graphics card and driver version Exact windows version Thanks, Matthieu
  9. Hello, Your space issue is very specific, please continue the discussion with the support team through email.
  10. Hi David, You need to split your design space in different parts. You can then assign a different draw direction to each of your sub-design space :
  11. The high stress happens outside of the design space. Those high stresses are typically taken care of at a later stage of design by more advanced optimization techniques such as shape optimization.
  12. Hi Alan, Your license needs to be upgraded to enable the Motion tab. Please contact us at support@solidthinking.com to help you with that. Thanks, Matthieu
  13. Hello, Solidworks 2017 files are not supported at the moment in Inspire. It will come in a future version. I would recommend exporting Parasolid from SW 2017 and import the Parasolid file into Inspire. For your information, supported input files are listed in the help at http://www.solidthinking.com/help//Inspire/2017/win/en_us/index.html?file_formats.htm Thanks, Matthieu Pupat Customer Support Manager
  14. Definitely. Like I said we are working on it.
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