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  1. Hello everyone, i am trying to learn about Ext_Api. working on the examples given in installation folder. (C:\Program Files\Altair\13.0\hm\examples\hm_extapi) can anyone guide me how to use it and also how to go for the changes if required. Thanks Shivanshu
  2. Hi there, I am trying to select the nodes each after one another. my main concern regarding the selection is that, if i'll select any node around the hole & then the nodes selection starts either clockwise or anti-clockwise. But algorithm should select in an sequential manner. please have an look to the image to have an clear idea of problem. let me know if anyone encountered this kind of problem. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi tinh, Facing one problem when i am exporting the local coordinate without associating it with any node/element then the position of he coordinate system is changing. but when coordinate system is associated with nodes/element then its ok. is this problem can be fixed because i dont want to change any node coordinate according to local coordinate....jut for reference i need it inside the model / assembly. Thanks Shivanshu
  4. Hello Everyone, Trying to identifying the local system (local coordinate system) : Case-1 : Associated with the nodes / element. Case-2 : Not associated with the any nodes / element. but created over the component or within the component. also struggling with the exporting of the local system. please let me know if there is some solution can be generated or already exist. thanks Adams
  5. Hello Sri Ganesh, cooked something: just check it & let me know if its working with all of your cases. if you want to work all the time with 2D (same plane) then it will work with all the cases. #Code *createlistpanel nodes 1 "Select only three nodes of outer area" set arnod [hm_getlist node 1]; *clearmark nodes 1 set n1 [hm_getentityvalue nodes [lindex $arnod 0] "id" 0]; set n2 [hm_getentityvalue nodes [lindex $arnod 1] "id" 0]; set n3 [hm_getentityvalue nodes [lindex $arnod 2] "id" 0]; eval *createmark nodes 1 $n1 $n2 $n3 *createbestcirclecenternode nodes 1 0 1 0 *clearmark nodes 1 set Cn1 [hm_getmark nodes [*createmark nodes 1 -1]]; set Cn1x [hm_getentityvalue nodes $Cn1 "globalx" 0] set Cn1y [hm_getentityvalue nodes $Cn1 "globaly" 0] set Cn1z [hm_getentityvalue nodes $Cn1 "globalz" 0] set rad [hm_getdistance nodes $Cn1 $n1 0] *clearmark nodes 1 set rad [lindex $rad 0]; *createmark elems 1 "by sphere" $Cn1x $Cn1y $Cn1z $rad "inside" 1 1 0.1 set Selems [hm_getmark elems 1]; *deletemark elements 1 *clearmark elems 1 *nodecleartempmark Regards Adams
  6. hello Sri Ganesh, can you explain the problem more or exact situation, so that best possible solution can be obtained. thanks Adams
  7. Hello all, i am trying to identify the local coordinate system which is prepared over the components and in between the components. but is it possible to identify the system which is near or attached to the particular components. image is attached for the reference. (components are different) please let me know if it is possible through code. thanks Shivanshu
  8. Hi all, i had created the collector with some variable name. set NAME1 Elements1 *collectorcreateonly comps "$NAME1" "" 3 now i want to catch the name of the created collector or identify the current collector which is just created. i am trying to catch the name through string ($NAME1) but collector is not coming its just an string. even searched the through-out the libraries for catching current collector.
  9. Hello all, idea is to identify the elements with in the range of selected components element. just having the 2D elements in both of the collectors and want to selects the elements of inner-side which is having an interaction between both of the components. please le me know if there is an solution of this problem. thanks
  10. Hello all, i am trying to know more about Ext API. also seen some of the examples given in software installation folder. please help me how xactly it is useful and can be executed. thanks.
  11. Hello, i am trying to execute *calculateproximityelements command selected the two comps separately and then used to find closed elements. *calculateproximityelements components 1 1 2 1 0 0 5 15 0 but error is generating: input is not selected. please refer the picture for clarity. thanks
  12. Hello everyone, i am thinking to develop an new window or tool which is specifically developed for the work i used to do but i am thinking to use HyperWorks liberies at the back end. thought is to create tool with fully automatic deck preparation with all the parameters i have related to specific projects. thinking to used TCL & Python as well as C++. Is this kind of thing is possible? please let me know what are the possibilities are there to execute these kind of things. Thanks & Regards Shivanshu
  13. Hi tinh with this, developing algorithm is quiet easy & got the solution. actually before this, i was thinking in different way and trying to capture the nodal information through surface..while creating surface from element...though i got answer but it was lengthy as well as algorithm is too slow. thanks regards adams
  14. Hi all, i am trying to extract the opposite node of selected node. initially, user had selected only "one node" on one layer 1 and form that extracted the component name as well as elements definition. now i trying to extract the opposite / perpendicular node on the another layer 2 and layer 3. no surface interaction is required. as of now it is possible to catch the nodes from surface but i want only element reference. there is no surface definition. only elements are present its can be shell or solid. pleas let me know if there is an feasible solution. please refer the attached image for more clarification. Regards Adams.
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