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  1. Hi, I have a set of points in matlab that form the surface of a bladder and I want to import it to Hypermesh to mesh it. I export it from matlab as a IGES file, but when I imoprt in Hypermesh it does not show anything. I have tried importing a simple nurbs surface in IGES format into Hypermesh and it recognizes it. Do I have to make the points a Nurbs surface in order to import it to Hypermesh. I know I can use a CAD software, like SolidWorks, to make a geometry from the points but it is too expensive. Any help is greatly appreciated. Roja
  2. Thanks Mario. I have actually looked at those file formats and that is why I am confused. Cause a lot of them seemed to need other software, whch some like SolidWorks are not free. My contours are a set of x,y,z points in matlab or a binary mask, but I am not asure how I can get from this in matlab to a format that is importable in Hypermesh.
  3. Hi, I am an absolute beginner in HyperMesh and the CAD/CAE world. I don't know how I can import my image segmentation contours in matlab to Hypermesh in order to create a 3D mesh. It seems I can only import binary files if they are in HyperMesh .hm format?? I'd appreciate any help here.
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