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  1. As the title, I finished running process of Hyperform Incremental Radioss and the result includes some files. So how to read the result? Which file is used to read and by which tool? Thank you all.
  2. Pls help me. How to read the result after running Inceremental Radioss?
  3. Hi everyone, In the every previous version (V11 and V10) I could find the "HyperMesh Introduction pdf file" including theory and tutorial in the same file. But in the new version (V12) I can not find out this file. Is there anyone has this file? Could you share me that file or show me the resource link to download it? Thank you all. Following is some imagine about its content in that file.
  4. What is the difference between HyperMesh and HyperMesh Desktop? Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone I'm novice RADIOSS. Could you tell me the difference between Bulk and Block format and its applications? Thank you all.
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