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  1. Can we use symmetry in modal analysis? When I did with symmetry and without symmetry, I noticed huge difference in the first modal frequency. And this forum, advices against using symmetry for modal analysis http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=333936 But my part is a simple plate where even the constraints are also symmetric. Can anyone adivce me on this. Thanks.
  2. People who used ANSYS will be knowing about the Symmetry BC there. Is it possible to do the same in hyperworks also? If you have to give both symmetry constraints and fixed constraints can we give it in the same load collector?
  3. I am trying this normal mode analysis for an assembly with 4 small bone kind of structures by welding. Since there is a porting of 1 mm thick I made it as 2D elements. But I couldn't get the connectivity between the 3D elements and 2D elements, which results frequencies of the order of 10^-3 and all. I checked and done equivalence and all. But still its not working. Can someone help me in solving this issue. Thanks in advance. Note: I can't attach the file here, since size is limited. I am free to share the file.
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