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  1. Hi, I am Simulating motion analysis of a mechanism in which the motion is transmitted from Gear Trains to Lead Screw to lever attached with Spring of high stiffness. I have given Contact between Gears , Lead Screw Mechanism. i have given simulation for few seconds but it is taking too much long time for analysis. Can anyone suggest me how to make simulation faster. thank you
  2. HI, I am working on motionsolve,motionview 10.1 version. I would like to know whether we can parallely or simultaneously view the hyper view results when the motion-solve is still solving the MBD problem. If it is possible please let me know the procedure. As i am unable to know whether my MBD problem is working as required until the Run is complete. thank you Vijay Varma
  3. Hi, I am working on Motion solve 10.1. I am running transient analysis . In between the analysis i am getting messages "Position analysis was reinforced" in .LOG file. Please educate me about the meeage and its significance in Transient analysis. what should be done to avoid the messages. Thank you Vijay Varma
  4. how do you debug the error "Negative mass or Principal Inertia"
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