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  1. thank you! The meshed object is just the surface of a sphere. So as I understand it, you may suggest that the mesh is not correct? Thank you so much.
  2. Maybe it seems easy, but it is a hard question for a new starter like me. I have already successfully meshed the objects into triangular grids(2D automesh). but when I checked the equivalence, I found out that there existed some free edges. and then I clicked on the button "equivalence". Then after a long time, it may have finished equivalence. But when I rechecked the free edges. There are still many free edges. What should I do? As I understand it, free edges means edges that are not shared with two triangles. So some nodes should be merged into one. I used to use Patran to mesh grids. What i have done is based on my experience of using patran. Thank you!
  3. I am new in using HM. In my research I use hm to mesh the object into finer triangular grids, even seveal millions of grids! But when I set the element size in the 2d auto mesh, the information was that the element size must be greater than ... for example 0.0023333. Note that not "must be greater than the node tolerance". I have already set the node tolerance smaller than the element size. what should I do next? Thank you!
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