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  1. Could anyone help me how to use TET4TOTET10 card in HM? I tried to find it, but I cannot. I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
  2. I used both one volume and multi solids. I divided into really small pieces, and still cannot create elements.
  3. Hi, I used 'mappable' view option in the visualization toolbar. My geometry is complex, so I divided it into several pieces, then the whole model became yellow and transparent from orange color. When the color of a piece turned to yellow, I was able to create hex elements. So I created hex elements for piece by piece, but at some point I could not create hex elements, and got an error message which said "Selected volume is not mapplable." But actually the color of the piece is still yellow. I assume that when the color is yellow, I am supposed to be able to use solid map to create hex elements. But I got error messages. Can anyone help me with this problem? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
  4. Is there a particular reason why I cannot use 2nd order elements? I saw some papers that used 2nd order elements for impact simulations with different FE solvers. Is it just LS-DYNA problem?
  5. Hi I mesh my geometry with hypermesh and use LS-dyna as a FE solver. When I created tet10 mesh in hypermesh and looked at the element summary, it said " TETRA10 ELEMENTS NOT SUPPORTED in LS-DYNA template. These elements will not be exported." I would like to confirm that if I need to export tet4 mesh and convert them into tet10 in LS-prepost. Does anyone know about the problem? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
  6. Thank you sooooo much. Finally I did! You are such a life saver. I appreciate it.
  7. If you look at the image that I attached by link above, there is no 'elems' button. There is only 'return' button. I pressed 'O' and clicked 'mesh' subpanel. And that image is how look like. Am I looking at the wrong panel? I really appreciate your answers. Thanks!
  8. Actually I pressed 'O' and did look into mesh subpanel, but I could not find 'by face'. There is feature angle and other options, but I do not know how to 'run' the 'by face'. There is only 'return' button. Here is image below. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B542eW0LkUzIdGppUEdUdGR3Rnc/edit?usp=sharing I would appreciate your help.
  9. I found HyperWorks tip/trick 386 about how to use 'by face'. But actually I cannot find option panel. I am using Hypermesh 12.0, does the panel have the same name in 12.0?
  10. Hi I would like to create 2D surface mesh from existing 3D mesh. The geometry has complex inner surfaces, so when I use 'face', the faced mesh also has inner surfaces. Is there any possible way to create only outer surface mesh? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
  11. Hi I have two objects and object A locates inside of object B. The outer object B is already meshed and saved as hm file. Object A is imported from IGES file. So I open B.hm file and import A.igs . I used boolean operation; {A-B,B}(cut A with B ). After boolean, I tried to mesh object A, but I cannot mesh it and the mesh is just attached to the inner surface of B. I would like to have hex mesh for B and tet mesh for A. Anyone can help me with meshing object A? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
  12. Hi Actually I don't fully understand your explanation, and I tried but I got light-blue-edges. What does the light blue edge mean? And I still cannot make it as solid. I did : geom => solids => click surfs => choose by collector => check components => select => create Error message said 'No closed volume found". I tried to attach IGES file, but I am not permitted to upload that kind of file. Do you have any ideas why I cannot create solid? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
  13. Hi I did the same procedure but I always get "no closed volume found", even I tried with a simple box. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks, Jay
  14. Hi I am trying to import IGES and make as solid. After I imported the geometry, Geometry tab -> solids-> Go to model tab -> right click components -> make current Under solids -> Surfs-> by collector-> select component -> create I followed procedure above and when I used v11, the procedure worked well, but now I use v12 and it does not work anymore. Is there any other way to make geometry as solid in v12 or should I modify any settings for the recently installed hypermesh? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Jay
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