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  1. Thanks a lot Arjun. This helped me a lot. Few more questions, if you don't mind: 1) If i do offset more than 0.2, it fails. There is red color all over the object. Any reason for this? 2) On a separate note instead of opening a new thread(since you are from the company team), I wanted to ask if there is a way to generate curves, surfaces in Evolve? I mean, let say I want a curve y=x^2 or a parametric 3D figure. Is there a way to do it? I can't find it in the documentation.
  2. Hello, I found evolve to be really good for designing. I am not a designer, but a programmer by profession. I want to use Evolve to create few products and 3D print them. I am facing an issue where I created a model with nurbs and exported as STL. However, when I upload the same STL file to 3D printing services like shapeways and imaterialize, the model looks broken. Here, I am attaching the evo file and also screenshot from shapeways which shows broken model. PS: I have as well uploaded examples given with evolve, like Twist-2.evo and exported as STL file. It worked totally fine in Shapeways. Questions: 1) Is there something missing when I am exporting NURBS based surfaces as STL to 3D Print? 2) If there error is at the Shapeways or such services, I will talk to them as well. But, it will of great help if someone has tried 3D printing from evolve models. Thank you. earring-2.evo
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