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  1. Windows 7 64-bit Inspire 2014 build 3966 Following the tutorial "Moving and Snapping", STEP 1, Sub-step 7 It calls for me to select a group of X_T files and drag them into the Inspire Window. But nothing happens. No parts appear. (YES, I did select a "fit all". No parts. And no icons show in the model browser). However, I CAN get the files added to the tutorial and continue, by using the pull-down menus: FILE - IMPORT (Ctrl-I) Conjecture: This computer is not a CAD virgin, has several other CAD tools registered, so perhaps the install script did not register the X_T file extension as possibly applying to the Inspire application. I have no urgent need here - no need to follow-up with me. But a Tutorial sequence should be bullet-proof. Either re-write the tutorial, or investigate the install script to see where this could go wrong. No need to attach files - I am simply following the tutorial.
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