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  1. Recommended range violations can be eliminated but you shouldn't be outside of validity limit. I think some of the elements quality is really too bad and solver can not exceed this issue. You need to control the mesh.
  2. Hi, You can create parameter card by using; Tools > Create Cards > PARAM and after that you must activate 'CHECKEL' option and choose 'NO' under the PARAM card. But you must be careful when you eliminate the quality check, it can affect your results in some cases.
  3. Hello , I think the tutorial below would guide you. You need to produce your shape variable with HyperMorph and HyperMesh. After that you can define the optimizastion study with HyperStudy. HS-4420: Optimization Study of a Spherical Impactor
  4. Hi, You can use 'Datum Lines' option under the 'Curve' tab. Hope it helps.
  5. Hi Damir, As far as i know,it is only an option for meshing.It is useful for meshing parts which will be used as rigid mesh,but if you define any different kind of property and material it won't behave like rigid.
  6. Hi Bhavana, I might not have understood your question,but i think this topic could be helpfull for you. http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/12877-user-profile/ Regards.
  7. Hi Sri Ganesh, If you try to select some element to delete etc...you can use Shift button+Right mouse button.If you select these,there are some choices .I think 'inside of circle' option will provide this to you. Hope it helps,regards. NSKRTLS
  8. oggy, Then you may have exported the model from HyperCrash RADIOSS V13 user profile.Could you please check this? If you did so,it will not be opened in Radioss Block 12.0 version.You should export it from HyperCrash Radioss V12 or lower version and then try to import in HyperMesh. Regards.
  9. Hello BeMa86, You can try under the 'Contour' panel; 'Edit Legend' >>> choose legend type 'dynamic scale' instead of 'fixed scale' Hope it helps. Regards
  10. Hi all, I want to ask something about force output. I prepared a crash analysis with a pendulum and crashbumper system.(crashboxes,bumper and brackets) If i do this analysis with rigid wall i can see the results with RWALL forces,but my pendulum is in a different shape,so i don't do it with RWALL. Instead, i modeled pendulum with a small thickness and fully rigid.I can do the analysis in this way.But i want to learn that;how i can i get the force output of this crash analysis? (Brackets are not fully rigid,they are constrained with four screw with BC.) Attached picture may be a referance. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi tinh, Thank you so much for sharing it with us
  12. Congratulations,it really looks so interesting
  13. Hi Ramganesh, I am sure that there are someone here to explain it more deeply,but just to inform you;i can say that this is not an important issue and you don't have to rectify it.The warning doesn't affect your analysis results. Generally,you can get this warning when you try to solve a big model with so many elements. Regards.
  14. Hi all, I want to do an acoustic analysis of a bus cabin with OptiStruct.The bus is exposed to wind effect during driving conditions.To simulate this effect,i used Virtual Wind Tunnel.I could export the pressure values with related node coordinates.I can use these pressure loads,but these values are in time domain and i need to convert it to frequency domain to use in acoustic analysis. (with FFT etc...) Is there any way to make this conversion with HyperWorks softwares ?
  15. Hello, I forgot to add on previous post;or you can just define the failure plastic strain under MAT/LAW2 card definiton. Please refer to link below; file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?matplas_johns.htm Hope,these helps. Regards.
  16. Hi, To simulate the rupture,you should use a failure criteria with material definition.There are some kinds of failure criterion in RADIOSS. You can refer to help document in the link below and decide to use one of them. file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?fail.htm
  17. Hi tapy, You can use type 7 interface for sph/solid interaction.
  18. Hi Javier, I can't open the images,so i don't know really about your problem.But i think,i understand you. 1) I think you mention about 'examples' not 'tutorials' in help documents.You can reach there from the link below. file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/11.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?examples_os.htm 2) I am not sure about its quality,but you can convert your Ansys file to Optistruct file.To do this;please use; Tools>> Convert >> Ansys >> To Optistruct Hope it helps you. Regards.
  19. Hi sagar, I think it is possible. You can try Mesh >> Create >> MidSurf Mesh section in Hypermesh 12 version.
  20. Block 90 >>>> Radioss 9 version Block 100 >>>> Radioss 10 v. Block 110 >>>> Radioss 11 v. They are all block format which used to prepare generally explicit analysis (dynamic,crash,explotion etc..) The difference in the numbers is about their versions.The newest one is Block120 which is suitable for Radioss 12 version. For static,quasistatic analysis or optimization you can use Radioss Bulk or Optistruct interface.
  21. Hi javier, When you import the STL data,it seems as element not as geometry.One method is that,you can create surfaces with ' geom >>surfaces ' tools from these elements and then you can mesh the surfaces you created before.
  22. Hi jorgelms, I don't have too much knowledge about your question,but just to help you,you may refer following titles in hyperworks help documents. file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?frequency_response_analysis.htm file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?transient_response_analysis.htm file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?param.htm file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?param_alpha1.htm file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?param_alpha2.htm Hope it helps. Regards.
  23. Hi tapy88, I am pleased that it helped you.Actually i didn't work about SPH elements deeply so i don't have much more information.Maybe someone who have knowledge about this topic in the forum, can help you. Additionally,the page file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?smooth_particle_hydrodynamics_sph.htm may can help you. Regards.
  24. Hi tapy88, Maybe you can refer to example 22.1 Ditching using SPH which can be found in following path file:///C:/Program%20Files/Altair/12.0/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?22_1_ditching_using_sph.htm Regards.
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