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  1. Thank you!! Your instructions helped me a lot. Boolean Subtraction worked perfect!!! Thanks!!! I understand how the the Chamfer Edge feature works now Thank you!
  2. I see the combine polynurb command. There a subtract polynurb from another polynurb command? I can't find it. could you send me a screenshot. Also earlier today during a training webinare on Evolve/Inspire I saw the instructor dynamically change the curvature radius on a polynurb. I did not catch the command he was doing to accomplish this on the Inspire inspired bracket he was working on. The tool he was using was shapening the radius of the polynurb edge.
  3. I just completed the self paced training, noticed the Self Pace Training Rendering Exercise video is not correct. http://solidthinking.com/training/2015/evolve/content/rendering/rendering_exercise.htm Instead it has the same video as the Construction History Exercise - http://solidthinking.com/training/2015/evolve/content/edit_exercise.htm Please fix video or send link to Rendering Exercise video, so I can review.
  4. Is there a way to deactivate my licence on my desktop and re-install it on my mobile computer? I just downloaded Solid-thinking 2015, I am having a hard time deciding which computer i want to install it to; my tablet laptop which is very mobile, or my desktop computer which has a lot of power and great graphics card.
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