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    Design, construction & production of theatre, film and sound.
  1. No, I have it installed only on my Macbook Pro. I do have 200 gig of the hard drive dedicated to Windows which I don't use. I haven't opened Windows all year. I am also getting a warning every time I shut down Inspire saying that it quit unexpectedly. I have included a screen shot of that warning message below. Perhaps I should uninstall and reinstall the 2015 solidThinking Suite? What say you?
  2. Hi Arjun I get to the Application Support file but do not find any solidThinking file. I cannot find the solidThinking/2015.4945/Evolve files in my searches. Is there some where else I should be looking? Attached is a screen shot of the Application Support file. Cheers Lenin
  3. Hi Darren Yes, a separate window opens but there are no libraries in it. The dropdown menu has two options, New Library and Browse for Library.
  4. Thanx for that info Arjun I have tried restoring the defaults In Preferences, three times, including with a computer restart but still do not see anything in the material tool bar on the left of the screen. I have worked through the chair tutorial before in the 2014 version of solidThinking and remember using the interactive rendering options then. I have included here a screen shot of the materials library folder in my solidThinking folder in my Finder Window. I guess this is where the information is that is missing from my interactive rendering window. Do you have any other ideas on how I can access it?
  5. I have come across another problem while working through the chair tutorial and am wondering how to fix it. I got to step 12 and when I use the Interactive Icon as instructed I don't see the default material library appear on the left of the screen where the modeling toolbar usually is. I also cannot see the default material library when using the Interactive Icon with my other models. Can you suggest a quick fix for this? The problem I mentioned previously with opening saved files still persists and I am wondering if I should uninstall solidThinking and reinstall it to solve these issues?
  6. Hi Arjun Thanks for your time. I have tested the situation a bit further and... if at first I try and open a file from the finder, without Evolve Already open, I get the error message and end up with Evolve open on a new untitled project. If I then try and open the same file using the Mac finder window, it works fine. The files have normal names, Teapot Ex 1, Teapot Ex 2, Teapot Ex 3 , etc. If I try and open them using the file drop down menu on Evolve then I get a similar message, "File not found. Please check file location". But with Evolve already operating, I can open the same file using the Finder. Double clicking or right clicking in the finder give the same result. And right click-Open with option gives the same result. The problem occurs if I try and open a file without Evolve already open, and when I try and open a file using the Evolve File drop down menu when Evolve is running.
  7. I am having problems opening my saved Evolve files. I keep getting the message, The file named____was not found. To try and solve the problem I updated my software to OS X 10.10.4 and installed solidThinking 2015 4945 but the problem still occurs. Is there as special protocol for saving files that I should know about? Can anyone help with this problem? Cheers. Lenin.
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