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  1. Hi there! I am having a problem with an animation. I placed a label texture in png format on my object using a white matt plastic as a base material. It shows on still renders but it disappears(the part simply shows white) when rendering the animation. Any idea why ? Many Thanks Pil
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if is there any rigging possible in Evolve. I am trying to work with obj files from Maya which I would need to bend, rotate etc.. Also, once i nurbify the mesh object, it creates wired holes in some bits, so obviously i cannot be a closed solid. Any solution to avoid this but still keeping the smoothness of the nurbified surface? thanks Pil
  3. Hi there, Is there any specific tool/command/plugin to create standard screws/threads? if not, you thinks Evolve will develop one in the future? many thanks Pil
  4. Hi there, I am working on a cylindrical packaging(its a circular strip) and I need to get the cutting guide for it. Is there anyway in evolve to get the actual flat projection of a curved surface(real size) so I can use the outline of it to get my cutting guide thanx Pil
  5. Hi Mario, Thanx for response. How did you get the perfect circle shape with the bend tool? I tried to use it but only gave me "spiral" results! cheers Pil
  6. Hi Darren thanx for your response, Thing is, the outline of the label, as you can see, is not a simple cylinder but has shapes on its perimeter. So I can not use the trim tool to obtain it because the projection changes the actual size of shapes. Therefore I though that create a straight surface(on which i can use the trim tool to cut out the shapes in real size), and then wrap it in a cylindrical shape, would be the best way. This has more to do with getting the exact cut out of the table on a cylindrical shape rather than apply the picture label on it. I hope I made myself clear.. cheers
  7. Hi there, I am struggling with creating a cylindrical label for a packaging. I have the dxf outline of the label(on the right scale) and I need to create a wrapped label. How can I get such a result? I have tried with bend but it doesn't seem to be able to curve the surface in a regular way(circle). I have tried with warp, stretch and drap surface but these tools seem to distort the actual outline, as a result the texture label cannot match it. Any suggestion?
  8. HI there, Is it possible with Evolve 2016 to fix the camera of perspective viewport? I know it is possible to lock it using the icon on the top right of the view. But apart from just lock it, I would need to SAVE the view so a can use it again with the same model in the future even when I want to work with it unlocked. thanx Pil
  9. Hi Arjun, I did it with the texture positioning tool. I just tried to apply the image as a color but obviously I can't decide the scale, and anyways it shows it all black. Still same issues, any idea?
  10. HI there, I am applying a label on a polysurface object. The final render keeps having spots all around solid colors. I tried to increase the resolution of the uploaded texture image. I also tried different formats(png, tif) and obviously increase the overall render size. It still has stains. What could it be?? thanks Paolo
  11. Hi, how do I get png transparent renders? I used the same render settings of 2015version(global environment, background image etc) but it still gives me only jpg with solid background... thanks Pil
  12. Hi Peter, Thanks for your response. The issue I have with the emitter is that the light color emitted does not correspond to the color of the object itself. Lets say I want to have a bright red led, by increasing the emitter power it only changes the light emitted, and not the brightness of the emitter object itself. So the bright red led comes out only an opaque, dull orange. How can i change that? (see render attached as reference of what i am getting now) thanks a lot! Pil
  13. How can I create a visible light? If I use the preset spotlight, it seems not to be visible neither to work... I would like to create visible spotlights for a shelving unit. Should I use emissive materials instead?
  14. Hi there, I am working on a model imported from Rhino. But everything new I try to add to the model, is basically invisible, meaning that i can see it on "World" (whether is a cube, line, circle...) but i can't see it on the view, so I can't work with it.. Anyone knows whats going on? thanks
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