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  1. Hi, Today I installed latest demo version of Inspire for OSX. OSX is latest 10.12.2. Inspire just quits after 3-4 secondst after Sturtup. Regards
  2. Hi, I attached Parasoled, IGS and Step File A 3.igs A 11.stp A 12.x_t
  3. Hi, I just downloaded Demo again everything is working OK. I would like to know if Inspire is the right Tool for next example. I would like to build a Steel Braced Structure (Please find attached STL file) supported on two Concrete Stabs. It is Self Supported Structure the only Load is Snow in the Winter . Any Suggestions ? The other Question is regarding Geometry Tools, how to place a Line or rectangle on the centre of a Face Regards Mario Test file.stl
  4. Hi, just downloaded Inspire for OSX and I have only 2 Ribbons: Geometry and Stamping. I attached a printscreen o Inspire window that I get when I open the Aplication inspire.tiff
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