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  1. Hello everyone, I imported an stl-file in acsii file format in Inspire and modeled it with the PolyNurbs tool, but when i leave the tool, the body either isn't visible anymore or only one face is visible (as shown in picture 3). Is this a known problem? Thank you Max
  2. Hello, i have a problem trying to run an analysis on a model in Inspire. A few seconds after i start the analysis, the application hwfdmfeprocessor.exe stops working. The analysis then runs approximately one minute and terminates. The component is imported from Catia V5. Has anyone had a similar problem? Regards, Max
  3. It worked very well! Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, is there a way to export the PolyNURBS mesh (e.g. as .stl-file) without the NURBS-Body generated inside? Max
  5. Hello, Sometimes, when i want to build a bridge between to faces, Inspire twists the splines as shown in the picture. How can i avoid this problem? Thank you Max
  6. Hi, is it possible to introduce a force on multiple surfaces? I have a model with tangential freeform surfaces which are limited by curves and i would like to select multiple sections.
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