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  1. Hi all, I have a column in my model and it is not buckling in the FEA analysis, rather getting compressed. The load is being applied uniaxially with respect to the column. Is there a way I can make the column buckle? In ABAQUS, we introduce imperfection in the column by deviating the geometry by a little bit based on buckling modes (scaled by 0.5 to 1%). I was wondering if we can do the same in Inspire since there is an option for buckling mode calculation during FE analysis.
  2. Just to confirm, my method of connecting point to the surface using rigid connector is correct?
  3. I have created a point on the face of the surface and used the connector to connect the surface to it, then selected "Rigid" connection type. Will that work? What is stiff connector?
  4. Well, that is the problem, that region of the structure actually moves in all 3 directions. So it needs to be free to move but remain in its original straight shape.
  5. Hi Felix, could you please expand on it? It's two surface should be tied separately so that they remain straight during compression. Basically the sarfaces should behave like a stiff/rigid surfaces.
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! I would be grateful if someone gives a quick solution to this in midst of the holiday. The red circled outer surface is bent upon compression of the structure. Can I constrain that surface so that it remains straight (vertical) as it were in the initial undeformed state? Thanks.
  7. Hi Felix, Thanks for the reply, thrilled to know that it's possible in Inspire 2017 (which I have). Now, How do I assign this RBE2 (Rigid Element) in a plate? Please see this -
  8. Can a part be defined as rigid body (no flexible property)? The part is not located in design space.
  9. Could anyone please suggest a way? It's part of my PhD thesis.
  10. I would like to (after optimization) keep the original geometry in the red boxed section and redraw the section in black circle by keeping the outer faces intact (e.g. radius). Using PolyNURBS is getting this hard to achieve. How can I do this? Thanks!
  11. Version: Evolve 2016.2 Build 6160 License: Academic The procedure followed is based on this thread at Inspire forum - But the "Edit PolyNURS" dialog does not appear. Is that a license limitation, or am I doing something wrong?
  12. Hi Mario, I there any way I can define the plate as rigid body?? I actually do not want any rotations. Desired Boundary Conditions for the whole plate (not just the faces) - [Ux = Uz = 0, Uy = free] [Rx = Ry = Rz = 0]
  13. Hi Mario, 1. What if I assign the supports in the following way? I do not need to cut small strips, instead I have just assigned them to the face directly. 2. Another question, the supports are free to translate in Y, the rotation is free too or fixed?
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