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  1. Do you have plans to run Inspire with the last version ? I have others applications that are recommended to use the last version. Regards, Marco
  2. Hi Matthieu, I updated the driver to version 375.86 and Inspire doesn´t open. There is some problem with this last NVidia driver version ? Regards, Marco
  3. Hi Matthieu, With new graphic card driver the problem doesn´t happens again ! Thanks, Marco
  4. Hi Matthieu, I´m using Dell Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation with graphic card Nvidia Quadro K2100M. I see that this problem happen only when I try to do this procedure in import models. When I made in models created in Inpire this error doesn´t happens. Thanks, Marco
  5. Hi, I have some problems when I try to use contour geometry from existing surface in sketch mode. Always when I try to select some lines to delete, Inspire stop to run and close. Has anyone had a similar problem ? Regards,
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