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  1. I did a curve blend between the start and end of a single curve. The direction of the blend was opposite the crv and confused the caps on the extrusion. Is there an easy way to flip it's direction?
  2. Replicate orients the child object to the mathematically (but not aesthetically) correct curve normal given the obj's center. It is a moment before a rapid curvature change. I can edit the child object's points to rotate and translate to the aesthetically correct position. With more complex geometry, it's hard to grab all of the points for a single child object. The neighboring points are included with a window selection. I'd rather be able to select sub objs in a child objs collections. Either that, or grab all points based on 1 would suffice.
  3. In this scenario, 29 of the children are perfect, but one is askew and needs to be rotated. Its center was a moment before a sharp increase in curvature. In Edit Points, is there a way to select one point, then automatically grab all of it's points? Editing a child's points works just fine, but I can't grab all of them by hand because the neighboring children (who also have their points on) are too close.
  4. Thank you Arjun. Can we hold off on the feature request for now? I'm just trying to get a feel for Evolve and what it can do. An example is that I use one obj (either a circle or a square) for precision spacing with a set of strict rules. Straight lines are easy, but on corners I need to visually inspect them and adjust for problems. Then I have secondary items, i.e. one for a client rendering, an alternate for prototyping, etc. Since there is a parent to child relationship, is there a way to do a matrix transformation from the parent to the children? If I orient the secondary items to the parent, is there a way to move/scale/rotate them into place? That way Replicate is tied only to the critical spacing object, it would keep the model light as I'm working on it, and then allow me to move heavier geometry into place at the end.
  5. Is there a step for equal spacing between objs that are transformed, i.e. scaling? There is a lot of space between the starting objects and a lot of overlap towards the end. Also, can I pick more than one object to Replicate at a time?
  6. Also, why can I only transform one object at a time? I'm hoping to do a flat layout and transfer it to a target surface.
  7. I'm having trouble with axes definitions and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. An object is defined in world coords. Subsequent transformations also transform their local axis. This works fine. But there isn't a way to define a 3Point axis: And there are no local, UVN, 3Point or Object options in Translate Edit Points: (I cound not find a help file for Translate Points. I'd like to know more about type and influence. They are not doing what I thought they would.) The local axes for children object is not inherited from parents: Finally, the axes is not remembered between translations. If I set the axes to Object and click Select/Replace, I can pick the axes direction of another object. However, when I return to the object, it defaults to local axes and my object reference has been lost.
  8. After using the Replicate command, there is a single object in the World Browser that contains all of the copies. I can use Edit Points Mode to transform any of the copies' control points, but how do I transform a whole copy without breaking the construction tree? Sometimes I need to scale, rotate or nudge an object.
  9. How can you control the amount of deformation with SurfDrape? It's doing a loose deformation, taking each object control point and doing a move transformation from the base UV to the target UV. A single span curve remains a single span curve. How can I achieve zero deformation? I only want a move/rotate transformation on the object's local axis is moved and rotated from it's base UV to the target UV. Or a full deformation, where the objects path on the base UVs are used to interpolate a much more complex object on the target?
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