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  1. Nevermind...I found it. You have to click on the actual overhang constraint in the model window to view "method". I was clicking on the design space / part and looking under shape controls in the property editor instead. Interesting to note how loads, supports, shape controls, etc. all have their own property editor even though each one is associated with a single part. This seems to make sense in terms of organization.
  2. I found the following verbage at https://www.solidthinking.com/help/Inspire/2018/win/en_us/index.html?welcome.htm. But, I cannot seem to find the "Method Property" in the Property Editor. Any help would be appreciated. Tips • You can also right-click on a design space in the modeling window or in the Model Browser and choose Shape Controls > Overhang from the context menu. • The Method property in the Property Editor provides two optimization methods for overhang constraints. The Strict method attempts to perfectly match the supplied print angle. It can fail if not enough material is initially given. Lenient is equivalent to the Penalty method in OptiStruct, and allows some of the model to fail to match the overhang angle while still converging to a solution.
  3. I got the following error message when trying to run an optimization with a minimum thickness of .05": "Insufficient Disk Space - Increase your minimum thickness or free up more disk space." I'm not sure where the "insufficent space" is that the error message is referring to...is it my hard drive, my RAM, my run history path or other? My hard drive is not full and my run history path is folder is at 1.0 GB. What is the limiting factor here?
  4. Hello, When sketching, I select "create new part", then right-click twice, then push-pull face to add thickness to the new part. Every time I do this, the face that's push/pulled is the previous geometry and not the newly created part. I feel like I'm missing something really simple...is there a way to select the newly created part without hiding the other geometry?
  5. Hello, I am a new to optimization (and relatively new to FEA analysis), so I'm looking for advice on how to best approach learning or developing a set of best practices for using this type of software. One initial problem I've had is the lack of feedback from failed optimizations. It seems like the only message Inspire provides is something like "Analysis Error. Please contact support@solidthinking.com". While I appreciate the availability of support to help troubleshoot our problems, it is not conducive to quick learning because there is a delay between initial contact and response via email. I will contact support via email, but in the meantime, does anyone know of a way to discover any info on why a particular optimization or analysis fails? For example, I think it would be helpful if the softare provided some sort of response like "your model is not properly constrained...please add supports" or "you're an idiot...you don't even have a load applied " rather than just a red x or "contact support" message. Examples to come...
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