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  1. Hello everyone, I suppose Evolve is near 2018 ... when does it come out, approximately? Is the Evolucionar going to have these tools ...? Flow through surfaces, have a piece, mesh, curves, ect, Make flat and with a base surface and another one of destination. Flatten, to be able to flatten surfaces or polisupercies, to later use them as a base for surface flow. Cage edit, a handle to be able to do morph Thanks
  2. Hello, Can you tell me brands that use Evolve for footwear? Why does it seem more powerful Evolve, (have Parasolido kernel, be parametric and have a reasonable price), there is not much information, examples, tutorials, and there is so little activity in the forum? Thank you
  3. Hello, I am designer of soles for footwear in 3d, design with Rhinoceros. I'm looking for videos, solidthinking Evolve tutorials for soles or shoes and I can not find. Is there anything on this subject? Also know the differences between Evolve and Rhinoceros, some person who works with both programs. Thank you very much
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