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  1. Thank you very much for your reply - Apologies for the late response.
  2. Hello, In addition to my previous post regarding saving a file, I am now having trouble saving and re-analysing a part. I have optimised a design, and analysed it using the shape explorer function. The minimum factor of safety is 1.5. I have then used the "fit" function and re-analysed using the same load cases. The minimum FoS then rises to around 7. I am very confused as to why this is doing this. My plan is to optimise, fit, re-analyse to check the results correspond and then run another analysis on the part to ensure that it can cope with another set of independent load cases. Can anyone help with this? Thank you
  3. Hello, Can anyone please help with this? I need to have some further work done for my dissertation presentation t the end of the week and still struggling with this. Thank you,
  4. Hello, I am having some trouble using the software. A few days ago I ran several simulations within the same window (around 4 in total - each taking 2 hours each). My plan with these was to save and look at the results the following day and compare the optimised results. I saved this file as a solidthinking file, however, when opening up the following day, the file was not as I had saved it. Each "optimised" result showed a blank design space with the outline and non-design space shown. It appeared that I could save these individually and analyse etc. As mentioned, I wanted to compare all of these together and see which the best solution was. Is there a way to save the file with these 4 optimised results so that I can open at a later date and continue from where I previously stopped before saving? Thank you
  5. Hello all, I am new to this software package and currently using it as part of my university engineering project. I have seen on tutorials that a design is "fully optimised" when all sections are joined, not necessarily when the slider is positioned at the star on then shape explorer. Sometimes when fully connecting the design it does not appear to show much of a factor of safety etc when analysed. Can somebody please tell me when a design is classed as fully optimised? Thank you
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