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  1. Many thanks Mario. That was exactly I was looking for. Regards
  2. Hi, I have just recently started working on Inspire to perform topology optimization. There is an issue which apparently I am not sure if Inspire can do or not. Like in ANSYS, there is a "slice" feature where an imported solid body (as .STEP or .IGS) can be split into multiple portions using planes. Is there something similar available in Inspire as well? I need to separate some portions of the solid to exclude from design space. And I believe I cannot do that unless I split the solid body as the design space is selected as a whole in case of a part that is single body. Looking forward to some hints. Warm Regards
  3. You can apply and analysis will run anyways, but with a warning. Also I believe, in some cases, this is ok but then you have to use your engineering judgement to interpret the results.
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