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  1. Thank You Felix! I have now solved the problem. I was able to reach all inner surfaces and apply pressure to them by using section cuts and thereby reveal the inner surfaces. I still miss the ability to select many (neighboring) surfaces that connect to eachother. Like in Blender for instance you go ctrl+ and the selection of surfaces expand with each click with the neighboring ones. I have tried the "Midsurface" command You suggested on an "customized" and more organic model I created for the vacuum-system, se Picture below. Some surfaces are missing as You can see in the second picture. I will try this command out more later. But anyway, I thank You for Your adwise! Best Regards G
  2. Hi, I am trying to solve a school task. The model in our exercise is a vacuum gripper for a robot. It consists mainly of a vacuum-pipe system which will hold a number of rubber-suction-cups. I want to apply a pressure (from the vacuum system) to the internal surfaces of the vacuum-pipe system. How can I select “through” the model in order to select the internal surface, I can't find such a function. I have used the command “Partition” in order to separate the inner surface, see picture below, I can then hide the other outer part of the pipe and apply pressure to the inner surface part. (Here , I had to select each and every surface part separately, isn't there a possibility to apply pressure to a set of surfaces at the same time?) When I then use a Boolean command to Combine the Outer- and inner surface again the defined pressureload disappears! So, how can I select and apply a pressure to the inner surface of the vacuum-pipe system? Best Regards, G Non_Design_Space for Gripper.stmod
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