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  1. Hello All, I just installed the embed software on a machine with a fresh install of windows 10, 64bit. I installed CCS with support for the C2000 processors. Following installation of the embed software I tried to compile and run the LED blink example for my device. I am using the LAUNCHXL-F28379D Launchpad. When I compile the code I get the following error at the end of the compile output: C:\sTEmbed2017\cg>lnk2000 --display_error_number --diag_suppress=16008 -c -x -q -mblink283x.map blink283x.obj -l lib\SFO_v8_fpu_lib_build_c28.lib -l lib\ii_F280x_fpusr.lib -heap 64 -stack 128 -o blink283x.out lib\F28379cpu1""lnk.cmd error #10008-D: cannot find file "lib\F28379cpu1lnk.cmd" warning #10062-D: entry-point symbol "_c_int00" undefined Seems there is a missing file. Any assistance in fixing this situation would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Brad
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