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  1. Isi Matalon

    issue regarding to embed software

    Hello Brahim, It looks like Embed is having issues locating your CCS installation. That could be for many reasons one of them is that you installed Embed before installing CCS. Whatever the case I recommend you update to Embed 2019 which can automatically install the necessary TI compiler. You will anyway see improvements in the software in version 2019 so it is generally recommended. If for any reason you would like to stay on version 2017 you will need to hand edit cg\setdsp2x.bat and fix it like this: Rem set path to TI C Compiler if "%VS_DIR%" == "" set VS_DIR=c:\stembed2017 rem set compiler path call c:\ti\DosRun if not "%DSP_C_DIR%" == "" set C_DIR=%DSP_C_DIR% if exist .\dosrun24.bat call dosrun24.bat if exist .\dosrun28.bat call dosrun28.bat Please let me know if your issue is still not fixed or need further help.
  2. Isi Matalon

    Cod generation error

    Hello Brahim, It looks like Embed cannot open or locate the math.h header file. Can you please make sure that it is properly there and not corrupted in your TI code composer studio installation? It can be that you haven't properly installed CCS and haven't selected to install the C2000 compiler. The file for CCS7 is located in \ti\ccsv7\tools\compiler\ti-cgt-c2000_16.9.1.LTS\include. I believe it will be in an equivalent directory for CCS6. If it's not there or is corrupt please reinstall CCS and Embed. Take a look at the installation process video here: http://learn.solidthinking.com/embed-videos/embed-ccs-software-installation/ Isi
  3. Isi Matalon

    Motor control

    In the ePWM block you need to enable the deadband. You should set the delay mode, the rising and the falling edge value according to your preferences. If you want no deadband keep the values at 0 but I would recommend using it to protect the converter. What is important is to set the polarity to "Invert Falling Edge Delay on B" and for Input Select DbA in=PWMA, DbB in=PWMA. This way you are inverting the signal of PWMB and both PWMA and PWMB share the same input which is of PWMA (this means you don't need to connect PWMB as it is being triggered by PWMA). Also make sure to set the triggers for PWMA under CMPA.
  4. Isi Matalon

    Model based design of Microcontroller

    Using both Embed and Activate you can make a model of a controller. If you use Embed you can also generate the code of this model and download it to an actual microcontroller to act as the controller in your system. Through Embed you shouldn't need a third party. If you use Activate you can also create physical models (mechanical, electrical etc) which you can connect to your controller model (created in Activate in that case) in order to simulate the whole system. So I would recommend Embed if you are OK with creating signal based/mathematical models but want to generate code for your microcontrollers and Activate if you don't need to generate code but would like to combine physical with signal based models. Of course using both makes sense if you want to get the best of two worlds
  5. Isi Matalon

    New Install - file missing on compile

    Hello Brad, The issue is fixed in the next update of Embed scheduled to be released soon. Kind regards, Isi