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  1. Hello Pau, Thanks for your fast response, much appreciated. To use he sleeve component as a second chiller is not possible, all my designs are using riser(s) with sleeves and chiller(s) at the same time. Also changing something manually is not really the way I want to work, so I have to either wait for the C2C 2018 and evaluate or going with a competive product. BR Franz
  2. I'm a foundry consultant mostly working with steel and nickel-base castings, looking for a fast and easy simulation program to verify methods quickly. Click2Cast is one of my favorites and I did watch almost all videos available on the net to learn about the capability of the program. There's one requirement I have, and didn't see in any video. Is it possible to use different thicknesses of sleeves and chillers on the same casting? If so, how can this be done? For the placements of chillers, which are not covering an entire surface, it seems necessary to attach bosses in the STL with the size of the chillers and a very small height, like 0,5 mm. Is that a correct way to place local chillers or is there an other method? Thanks for your answer. BR Franz
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