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  1. Fantastic reply. All great points! Thanks Darren.
  2. Hi I am soon to have an interview with a company I applied to that are dealing with architectural product design. (furnishing design, benches, playground parks etc) The company uses 3D studio max as their main concept design tool. I hope they are open to other design packages as I am reasonably versed in Evovle but not 3d Max. I think I may be in a situation to try convince the employer to purchase evolve as I find it much better tool for product design. I would try to explain to the employer that 3d studio max is generally catered towards animation/film industry whereas evolve is for true product design.. However, I lack a solid convincing argument to convince the employer to go ahead and purchase Evolve. What could you suggest me to tell the employer why Evolve would be better option than 3D max for architectural product design? I could then have more solid argument and hopefully be able to convince them to get Evolve. Your suggestion is urgently needed. Thanks. Mark
  3. Hmm. It still does not work for me...were there any bugs with this tool before? Is there perhaps an update I am missing in correcting this bug?
  4. Yep, I have the same problem. The mathematical function/algorithm doesn't seem correct for this too.
  5. Hi, I have tried this numerous times and it seems as if Evolve's algorithm doesn't properly calculate the 2nd tangency when using Bi-tangent Segment line. I have drawn 2 circles next to each other. One with larger radius and one with smaller radius. When I used Bi-tangent segment line to draw a line that is tangent to both circles the Evolve only makes the line tangent with one circle and not both. Please see attachment. This has been really frustrating when you spend lots of time trying to trouble shoot what is suppose to be a simple operation. All other mechanical modeling software I have worked with the Bi-tangent line works properly (It automatically snaps the line to both curves so that the line is tangent to both curves). Is there something I am perhaps doing wrong? I did exactly what the tool asked me to do. In the attachment below you can see that Evolve finds tangent with first circle (large circle) but fails to find tangent with the second circle (Small circle)
  6. Hi, I am designing a kayak and have a simple wireframe made of several Nurbs curves . Is there a way to snap a new curve to the intersections where an activated construction plane meets the other curves? I can't seem to be able to make it work. I placed an active construction plane that intersected a set of curves and I also activated the "intersect" snap button thinking that the new curve I draw will snap to the intersection where c plane intersects other nurbs curves. It didn't work. The curve would snap only to the plane of the activated c. plane but not where the c. planes intersect other curves. In SpaceClaim 3d modelling software construction planes act as cross sections meaning where ever I set a construction plane to intersect an object or curves I will be able to snap to the those curves of that object in cross -section. I was thus thinking evolve's c planes would follow same logic. Another idea I had was instead of c planes to use temporary lines (as a construction lines) and where those lines would intersect the nurbs curves I would then be able to snap new nurbs curve end points to the intersection where those temporary construction lines intersect nurbs curves. Then I would delete those construction lines. That was my second idea. Please advise. See attached file. Thank you
  7. Good to know that there may be other licensing options. Perpetual license option would be great.
  8. Initially it was said that Evolve 2018 would come out at the end of the 1st quarter / beginning of 2nd quarter. It's that time now. October is far too long to wait, also I wouldn't be interested in purchasing the software if it will be subscription based licensing format. I prefer perpetual licensing format.
  9. I too and my team were looking forward for Evolve 2018 but got disappointed when it was announced that licensing will be changing to a subscription format. I would buy 2018 version only if it is going to offer a perpetual licensing option. Cheers.
  10. Excellent. It did the job. Thanks alot Darren.
  11. Hi, wondering if there is a way to isolate/trim a surface within a boundary of lines that are projected on a surface to create a separate surface? Please see 1st image.. My goal is to model the blue feature on the dish brush handle, please see 2nd image. My thinking is to have a surface separated/isolated within the yellow boundary of projected lines and then offset that surface to create a thickness of the blue feature that runs along the body of the dish brush. I am not sure how this can be done as i tried trim command but didn't get desirable results. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, MarkL
  12. Hi, I am fairly new to Evolve and so far I think it is a fantastic software. Looking forward for the 2018 version that I have seen will be easier to use. I am currently doing a practice model: a dish washing brush. I need some tips/suggestions as to what modelling strategies/tools could you recommend me to use to model this product? Please see attached pic with my specific questions in the image file. The 1st image shows the model I made using freeform/sculpting polybnurbs strategy. I choose to use this modelling approach instead of surfacing techniques like loft and sweeps as with the latter I had less control to get the shape of the brush . I would appreciate if you could give me some suggestions in regards to my questions I asked in the 2nd image. Thank you, Mark
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