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  1. What is class A surfacing? Are there any other classes of surfacing? (Like class B or class C). As solidThinking Evolve uses PolyNURBS tool, what kind of surfacing we can do in evolve? Please help. Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I need your help in this context. CATIA "imagine and shape" and solidThinking Evolve are these same? Are both used for class A surfacing? What are relative advantages and limitations of these two softwares? Thank you in advance
  3. Actually while designing the rim, I revolve rim profile by 72° ( 5 spoked rim) and then draw spoke cross sectional profiles and revolve them by 72°. After that I use "intersect" command to trim unnecessary faces (i.e. faces inside rim profile). After using "intersect" command Evolve treats that body as a single body. Then how can we use "combine" command to combine entities as "intersect" makes it single body. Please help. Thank you.
  4. Thank you Mario for clearing my doubt. I am sending you an image in which I've closed the surfaces but when section view in turned on it still shows hollow surface. Please have a look at it. Do you mind giving your email ID so that I can send you "Evolve" file of my rim.
  5. Hello guys, I wanna know how to create solid bodies in evolve using loft feature between curves. Actually I want to create spoke of wheel rim using loft command but I'm unable to make it a solid body. Do we get solid body if we loft between all the curves? Please help me regarding this. If you have any evolve model of rim spoke that will be very appreciable. Thank you in advance
  6. Hey guys I'm new to solidThinking Evolve and I need help about dimensioning my drawings. Can we give dimensions to our sketches like in CATIA or solidworks? Also, can we edit position of points according to dimensions? What are dynamic and static dimensions in evolve and how are they different? Please help. Thank you in advance☺️
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