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  1. I am using: View => Model Configuration
  2. Disregard. As got no answer, problem has been sent to Support. After deactivating parts (under model configuration) the software still "missing" the parts. Please advise
  3. Hello Version 2019.4 From the what is new: "In version 2019.4 You can now enable a preference that produces better meshing for optimization results wrapped in PolyNURBS from Inspire..." 1. Some explanation for this option? 2. When should I use it? 3. If it is better meshing, why it is not enabled as Default option?
  4. The machine is: Is it enough??
  5. Hello. The attached file simulated with constant auto level point. Filling calculation time was 38 hours for constant auto level point vs only 4.5 hours for 28sec filling time. Is this big difference calculation time normal? CAST-CONSTANT-FILL-POINT_-_Copy.icast
  6. Hello As time passed, we already managed to simulate and cast this part successfully. Hope for next time...
  7. Mesh fails - can't find the reason. Trying 4 mm mesh. Please advise
  8. Hello After changing Max num of elements allowed for run" dv="20" id="max_allowed_num_elem_run"/> to 30 it worked O.K.
  9. The 4.5 GB RAM per 1million elements is a #, I got from Altair person...
  10. The recommended element size is to have 3 elements by the width of the part. The wall thickness of the part is 4.5mm so I need an element size of 1.5 mm When trying to do so I get a message of too many elements, 23.16 million elements. (23.16 )*4.5(GB)= 104.22GB (Ram memory needed) I have 128 GB Ram memory. Should I enlarge my Ram memory to 256 GB? Please advise.
  11. When trying to get help (File => help => tutorials, etc., I get a message: Altair help files are not included in the installation directory. Use online help (in preferences) is marked on. Internet connection is O.K. Please advise.
  12. Hello Sourav Any news for the problem posted on October 14 ?
  13. Hello Sourav Could you please check with the team? Already 15 days have passed...
  14. Hello Sourav Could you please check with the team? Already 8 days have passed...
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