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  1. The mesh is stopped at 70% and not converging. (For all night). Mesh size tested: 8mm, and 10 mm Ram Memory is 128 GB UCP-211-13652_RUN7-filters(2).icast
  2. Hello to all When inserting filters, should they be inserted: Inside the housing (as above)? Exactly with hosing walls? Outside housing walls as below? Best Regards Uri Inbar Engineering Dep. David Quality Castings Ltd. Tel: 972-3-9024415 Mobile: 972-52-5261177 Fax: 972-3-9024390 E-mail: uri.i@tirosh-casting.com Web Site: http://www.tirosh-casting.com
  3. When running meshing / calculation, etc., Is there any log file created and running in the background? If yes, where it is? If not, Is there a way to make it?
  4. When starting calculation, I get an Error message see attached ALL-FEED_NO2CHILLS.gid.zip
  5. Ingate is placed and can be seen before meshing It disappears after meshing !!
  6. When trying to calculate (solidification) with sleeves I get an error message: Error when preparing data for analysis (Domain error: Argument not in valid range) The calculation is O.K. without sleeves. Please advise.
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