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    Hello Mesh is o.k. Without gates. Mash fails after adding the gates. Message indicate part 20 & mold. Please advise. part.zip
  2. Hello How do I change the default colors of objects like filters risers etc?
  3. Attached please find another sample file (Created with ver 2019.2) that fails to run. The file runs O.K. Under version 2019.1 Please check and advise. Part3.icast
  4. Hello Sourav I manage to run it without filters. I get the error when adding the filters. I re assigned the filter material and cast material and also checked all other objects. Still have the problem. Also tried to enlarge filter size (to be greater than the filter housings), but it did not help. Please your advise.
  5. Mesh without filters is O.K. Error with filters, Please advise
  6. uri

    Error Message

    Thanks for the help.
  7. .When Run in model directory is ON , the analysis files are saved under the model directory, but they do not add to the Run History List Please advise.
  8. Attached Error message, please advise MESH-TEST-AVERAGE-4_(1)9-6-2019_14-26-26.zip
  9. 1. When I make the Mold top height the same as the risers, (As in reality) the mesh fails. If I make the mold higher than the risers I miss the air cooling effect because of mold isolation. Please check and advise. 2. What about an answer regarding the Niyama problem?
  10. ICAST Version 2019.2 For the attached Aluminum casting file: Mesh=5mm Temp=765C Fill-time 14sec Material AL A356 1.When making the Mold 6-8 mm below top (as in reality), mesh fails. 2. When checking for Niyama (0.3) the all partis colored. Is it going to be bad part? Please advise 9643-1101-10CDt-PART_1.icast
  11. The mesh is stopped at 70% and not converging. (For all night). Mesh size tested: 8mm, and 10 mm Ram Memory is 128 GB UCP-211-13652_RUN7-filters(2).icast
  12. Hello to all When inserting filters, should they be inserted: Inside the housing (as above)? Exactly with hosing walls? Outside housing walls as below? Best Regards Uri Inbar Engineering Dep. David Quality Castings Ltd. Tel: 972-3-9024415 Mobile: 972-52-5261177 Fax: 972-3-9024390 E-mail: uri.i@tirosh-casting.com Web Site: http://www.tirosh-casting.com
  13. When running meshing / calculation, etc., Is there any log file created and running in the background? If yes, where it is? If not, Is there a way to make it?
  14. When starting calculation, I get an Error message see attached ALL-FEED_NO2CHILLS.gid.zip
  15. Ingate is placed and can be seen before meshing It disappears after meshing !!
  16. When trying to calculate (solidification) with sleeves I get an error message: Error when preparing data for analysis (Domain error: Argument not in valid range) The calculation is O.K. without sleeves. Please advise.
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