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  1. Hello , does anyone have a track to follow ? BR vv
  2. Hi thank you for those informations here is a shot description
  3. Any few possible solutions ? Practical ideas ? Thanks a lot BR VV
  4. Hi , I,m a french teacher in mechanic design and i often use Topological optimisation , like INSPIRE , CREO , SolidWorks . In many studies , we want to increase the Stiffness of the part an decrease the weight. I've a design where I want to increase the compliance of a part in one direction (reduce the stiffness in order to absorbe a large deformation) and increase the stiffness in an other direction. There is no mass problem. Is INSPIRE able to do that , (i think no ...) ? In case of no , is there any processionnal software can do that ? Thanks for your expert answers . Best Regards V.
  5. Hello Mario , Your answers are very interesting, thanks a lot Virgile
  6. Hi , I would lik to know if someone knows le the link between the analysis and the optimisation work. I mean , i can chose the size of the elements during the analysis ans choose the option coarse or accurate . What is the impact on the optimisation process ? thanks you Best regards Virgile
  7. Hi , i would like to create a cylindrical part without volume , a pipe with no thickness , I can't do that in inspire . I've tried to create a cylinder and remove the ends , but i don't know how... I've tried to draw a circle and extrude it but it gives a solid cylinder . Have you any answer about that? thank you BR Virgile
  8. thank you for all answers Regards Virgile
  9. Hi , I'm using Solid.Inspire and after using polynurbs I obtain volumes and surfaces (don't know why) as shown in picture attachment -surfaces are red circled. Can I convert those surfaces into volumes in order to export in CAD ? Thanks for answers BR Virgile
  10. Thank you for those informations . It is the same for specific acceleration ? BR Virgile
  11. Hi Mario , thank you for the answer. BR Virgile
  12. Hi , I would like to understand why INSPIRE asks me a point to apply gravity ou acceleration in translation ? To my mind , the gravity or any acceleration in translation is applied ti the whole body , not especially in one point. I'm wrong ? what is the consequence to apply gravity on a random point ? BR VV
  13. Hi , i'm a newbie on Inspire and I've a question : can I pause the calculation , some of them take many time and I would like to pause the calculation in order to use my computer. Best Regards VV
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