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  1. Claudio, I suggest you contact the company, maybe tech support, and ask to access the technology preview of the next version. To me it compares a bit to Fusion. I think you will not get a release date from them since it’s still under development. You may also ask about what kind of licensing they are thinking about. Claus
  2. I’m confused about this answer, there is no Evolve 2018. The replacement, Altair Inspire Studio 2019 is currently out as a technology preview. I have been having a quick look at it, it’s in an early stage. I would be surprised to see it released within 6 months.
  3. Thanks for the link. I skimmed the webinar and I must admit I’m confused about platforms and where Solidthinking comes in. And licensing is a bit airy as well. I heard a technology preview should be just around the corner so maybe that will clarity at least what kind of 3d cad we’re talking about.
  4. It’s been a while, I was hinted back in march that Evolve 2018 might be released in october. I wonder if that is still the plan or maybe you skip this version and jump right ahead to 2019?
  5. This is one of the reasons I stopped playing with the trial version, does not work as expected. Btw don’t expect any answers here in the forum, it’s very rarely checked by the developer. Maybe contact support directly...
  6. I heard it might be released as late as october. Also note it will be subscription based.
  7. Lunau, if you look in the article I linked to it is explained how to do it with every application, not that it's adviced but it might help you out in those situations you really need it.
  8. Opening multiple instances of a program is not standard behaviour on MacOSX for several reasons. That's why I assumed it is a bug. https://www.cnet.com/uk/news/how-to-open-multiple-instances-of-an-application-in-os-x/
  9. Great idea. I think lots of potential users look at the forums to probe the popularity of a program.
  10. I don't see this working. Expected behaviour in other cad packages would be to start the line on the circle and as you move the mouse to choose the end point the starting point will move along the circle to keep the line tangent.
  11. Thank you for answering. Subscription is an interesting choice, hope it works out.
  12. I am the only user here in a week, it feels like I entered an an abandoned house. I know I asked beginners questions but you can just tell me to read the manual. I’ll let myself out quietly. Cheers!
  13. Evolve is already open and I doubleclick an .evo file in Finder. This is opening another instance of the program so now I have the same program running in duplicate. Is this expected behaviour? Does Evolve not support having multiple files open at the same time?
  14. I used a line to cut a sphere. On reopening the file the end point of the line is detached from the line. Is this a bug or a feature?
  15. Hi Lunau, happy to know I'm not alone here. Thanks for reponding. Claus
  16. This is not the most active forum, I wonder if I am alone here. I’m evaluating Evolve but my demo licence has expired, unfortunately I was too busy to spend the time. I have made several requests to have the period extended but I get no answer. I tried signing up for the trial again but I get an automatic email with the same serial number. Claus
  17. I'm evaluating Evolve and trying to figure out to do basic things I'm used to in my other CAD package. Sorry if this is a stupid question. A. Let's say I create a circle and want to cut away a piece of it. I can divide the circle but can't figure out how to delete the piece I want. I get a message about smart delete that I don't understand. B. I want to create a line with an endpoint that is touching the circle and that is tangent to the circle. In my current CAD package the start point of the line travel along the circle when I drag the curser to fix the end point. Evolve seems to work differently. C. Let's say I manage to have my line and arch touching tangentially at their end points. Now I want to turn them into a single, continuous nurb. Which tool should I use? Thank you for your patience. EDIT: OK, I found out. Collapse construction tree to delete segment of circle. Join curve entities makes a connection. Rebuild curve makes it smooth. Segment tangency align makes a line tangent to the point you click but not the way I'm looking for (where the starting point moves aling the circle when you move the end point).
  18. Darren, I watched the webinar on Evolve 2018 and it looks like a huge improvement. Can you reveal if there are improvements done to the creation of 2d documentation from 3d models, specifically the ability to dimension the 2d views directly on the layout and automatic creation of hatched section views? I do not currently own a licence, If I buy 2017 now how much will the upgrade to 2018 be? Will I be able to use the 2018 beta? Thanks Claus
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