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  1. Ive set both pins to be grounded, however this is the result. ^^^^^^ By constraints on the non design space, could you clarify what you mean? Im assuming i need displacement constraints at these points? However i have set the displacements to zero but it still fails. as shown Any help would be much appreciated. Note- the rough simulation I am trying to run is where the right hand pivot is fixed (where it would be fixed onto the bike) and the upper pin section holds the rear damper that would fix itself to the bike frame. The left hand side then is where the axle goes through and all the forces are translated through.
  2. New user here. Just a query if this is due to my simulation initial conditions or just a limit of the software. I ran an optimization and it seemed to break from the supports i set? as labeled the optimization has disconnected from the supports i put in place, any help would be much appreciated
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