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  1. Thank you a lot Felix that explains a lot about how it runs. I knew this computer wouldn't be up to spec, though I have to use what I have as it's for university thesis. I completed two optimisations overnight at 15mm min. with a third at 10.33 (as initially input by inspire) still running at the moment and have checked that it is "in-core", it is still doing the same thing but seems to be slowly progressing through an iteration every few hours (up to 6 now). It sits around 0 percent CPU and every hour or so starts up again as normal. There is still one gb of ram free most of the time , is this still expected behaviour? Or should I manually input the amount of ram allocated? I will try to upgrade my ram to 16 gb if possible. Is it possible to put the hard-drive in an alternate computer and run inspire, or is the licence linked to the network hardware too? I have some questions to try and improve run time. Is it possible to manually input the mesh characteristics for optimisation (refine mesh in critical areas)? Does removing parts of design space that is not used in any load cases or most element thicknesses greatly improve time (less mesh and analysis?)? Thank you again for your help, Caleb Saunders
  2. Hi all, I have been running an optimisation on a mountain bike frame with multiple load cases. A few times (not necessarily the frame model) when running optimisation with a small element size for multiple load cases, I have encountered an issue with the program. The Memory (ram) is fully utilised, almost 100% from the processes running, though the processes are not being processed by the CPU, this is causing hard faults to occur. I have left an optimisation run for 17.5 hours, only to not be completed (I know this task may take longer), I terminated due to nothing being processed. This fault may be arising from terminating other runs if they start in parallel. I have attached pictures of my resource monitor for the issue and a good run. In a normal run the CPU fluctuates from around 13 to 100% averaging 40% on some processes. Computer Specs: CPU: Intel I7 3610QM 2.3Ghz w turbo Memory: 8Gb DDR3 Graphics: 2Gb NVidia GT630M OS: Windows 7 x64 Home Prem.
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