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  1. I am trying to run the quasi static simulation in Hypermesh using OptiStruct to figure out what speed (mm/s) I should be using for my test. Is anyone done a quasi static simulation in OptiStruct? Thank you!
  2. I had found some other people talked about as showed below: However, I don't know what kind of data file I should be using? Is there a specific type of data I need to output from Hyperview, or from Hypermesh before running the analysis? Also does anyone know how to plot displacement vs. time as well? Any help will be very appreciate. Thank you!
  3. Hi Ivan, Thank you for the help. That was very helpful. I looked for the strains at the grip point of the solid elements instead, and I got the same results as the shell elements.
  4. Hello, I have a 3D solid brick elements on top of the 2D shell elements, and the equivalent tool was used to combine the two different element to be one piece. However, I created a strain plot, and the strains were not linear, it has a jump at the location where the two different element connect. Is anyone have any ideas about what is wrong with my model? Thank you, PianPian
  5. 1st question: I am capturing images for documentation, and I need the images from Hyperview. In Hypermesh I am be able to see the scale, however, I can't see the scale in hyperview. Do you have ideas on how to fix this issue? The first image is from Hypermesh, and the second image is from Hyperview. 2nd question: Can Hyperview show/displace the absolute XY shear values/contour? Thank you.
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