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  1. Hello,


    I have a 3D solid brick elements on top of the 2D shell elements, and the equivalent tool was used to combine the two different element to be one piece. However, I created a strain plot, and the strains were not linear, it has a jump at the location where the two different element connect.

    Is anyone have any ideas about what is wrong with my model?


    Thank you,


  2. 1st question:

    I am capturing images for documentation, and I need the images from Hyperview. In Hypermesh I am be able to see the scale, however, I can't see the scale in hyperview. Do you have ideas on how to fix this issue?

    The first image is from Hypermesh, and the second image is from Hyperview.



    2nd question:

    Can Hyperview show/displace the absolute XY shear values/contour?


    Thank you.


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