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  1. I am trying to import 2d pattern data in to AMAN in ascii format. What is the file format for .aha and .ava? Is there an example I could extract the format from?
  2. Oh Thanks! When running just one core it put the overlapping triangles in the .out file. So why cant I find these with the 'find overlapping geometry' search in Cadfeko? So I can find these in PostFeko, but cannot edit/delete them. Short of a more coarse mesh, what is the normal work flow to deal with this?
  3. ERROR 2331: Two triangular surface patches overlap I am getting this error, but then when I go back a check for intersecting triangles. It is telling me that none are present in the model. I also checked the .out file. It has the errors listed but no further info. Everything in the model is unioned. Part of the model is imported geometry. How do I fix this. When I run without the imported geometry included, it runs fine.
  4. Thanks this was a big help! One question, where can I find the predefined air interface standards for WinProp? The *.wst files? Thanks
  5. I successfully created a cross-section and successfully created a track. I run a check on geometry and I get the error that a track isnt defined. The track is defined with 2 portals, nodes and has cross-sections assigned. I must be missing come critical step that links this track to the cross-section? Any tips? What am I missing here?
  6. Thanks! At this point, getting back into FEKO, it is my number one feature request.
  7. Say I have a parameterized sheet and I define a workplane as the center point of one edge. Is there a simple way to parameterize the workplane and link it to that centerpoint? Such that the workplane moves as the variables of the sheet change. I realize that you could do the same thing with dropping variables into the workplane definition. However sometimes (especially in complex non planar structures) this can be very tedious. This is a common feature in another popular tool. If you define a local coordinate system by some geometry feature (corner, center, face center, ect), then the local coordinate system will change as that geometry features moves. This is extremely useful when setting up very complex parameterized models. Anyway to easily do this in Feko?
  8. I define an angled prediction plane in a Wallman indoor database. Simple shape and a raised and rotated prediction plane When I load this database in to Winprop, it pulls in the lower shape but doesnt seem to knowledge the prediction plane. Is there an example out there that shows how to set up prediction plane like this? As a new user, I know I must be missing something very fundamental here. Thanks
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