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  1. hi.. thank you for your reply... i already done with that optimization method.. but i need to try for a project where i need to give the s-parameter values ( desired values) directly, so that the position of the adjustment of antennas are directly comes.. for this project, i would need an optimized s-parameter values.. so that i wants an optimized s-parameter value from the values which all are obtained in the parameter sweep...
  2. hi.. thank you for your suggestion. it helps me a lot... finally i did it. thank you ...
  3. hi.... i performed a simulation of having 3-antennas in a platform. i will get some s-parameter values. but i want to optimize the s-parameter values, so i will apply parameter sweep for this project. After completion of the parameter sweep, i will get so many s-parameter values in postfeko. In all that values,is it possible to get optimized s-parameter values directly . can anyone help me....
  4. hi.. thank you for your response.. i read the user manual about source data..you said about the existing sources .. but i am not asking about the existing sources.. i just want to add a new source like double exponential signal... i just know only one option in postfeko to add a source by using math script.. that's why i am asking how to write code for adding a source.. could you help me plz..
  5. hi.. good morning.. i need to add an source to the result(i.e in postfeko).. its nothing but giving a source to the object and verifying how it works... in postfeko, i came to know one option.. but i dont know how to write the code.. please go through the images and help me...
  6. hi.. good morning.. i want to add an source through math script in postfeko. i have an equation.. can anyone tell me how to add in postfeko...
  7. hi.. thank you so much. your suggestions makes me to rectify my problem. you told to check about the licence formats and versions.. i will check in my system, i had two licencees. that'y it wont open.. once i deactivated the 2018 version licence, it works without any error... thank you once again...
  8. hii.. thank you ... i copied the file to another location and run the simulation.. it again shows the same error (the .bof file does not exist)... as i go through the folder of parameter sweep, it does not contain any .bof files... so how can i produce .bof files. help me to solve this error...
  9. Hii.. thank you for your response. i cant see the results in postfeko. i already shared the error (in above queries) what comes when i tried to open in postfeko. you asked whether the parameter sweep runs or not, it runs and also produces the .xml file. and also you asked about feko versions, recently we have updated the feko software. is there any problem with that update.
  10. hi.. i checked that the simulation is not failed.. the file is opened.. i think there must be an error between compatibility problem.. could you help me plz...
  11. hii.. thank you for your response.. you said that to check weather the file is existing or not.. as i checked that it is existed.. i attached an screenshot with this mail.. but i dont know the exact problem ... could u plz help me..
  12. hi... i will get an error in postfeko... could you please help me.... as i opened an "application macro" option in postfeko and i select 'parameter sweep:combine phase' option. and further i browse and select parameter sweep(.XML file) and click next. but here i will get an error 17413:shared_helper_lua:106:error 17184:unable to open. please go through the attachments and help to rectify the problem.
  13. hii.. thank you for your quick response.. i am attaching here an "monopole_antenna" pdf.. please go through it.. once you observed that the antenna resonates and also it produces the VSWR value nearly 2 and reflection coefficient value less than 10dB at my designed frequency value.. but when i like to check coupling analysis between two antennas as i posted above(coupling_monopole_antennas.pdf) i would not getting these vswr and reflection coefficient values for the two individual monopoles.. i dont know how to solve .. that's why i am facing difficulty in performing "coupling between two antennas" simulation.. could u help me.... monopole_antenna.pdf
  14. hii... thank you very much for your suggestion... i also have an problem with S-parameter values in output... i am not getting the standard parameter values (like VSWR and reflection coefficient values) while i am doing with "coupling between two antennas" simulation... could u help me...
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