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  1. Hello Ivan How are you, i was working on dummy side crash with rigid wall and i found this file from altire forum for frontal impact, can you please help make it side impact with rigid wall i tried but only the dummy was moving. i am attaching you the original file. Modell_komplett_0000.rad Modell_komplett_0001.rad
  2. hello ivan , i was searching for dummy positioning in hyper mesh help and all tutorials are for lsdyna, abaquas or madymo interfaces. are there any tutorials for hypermesh radioss solver (the student version only suppors radioss and optistruct) please i tried to position the dummy after importing but i couldn't find any thing that supports me. thank you for the great support as always
  3. thank you so much i really appreciate your help
  4. it says nade 1880 up to node 1885 are deactivated , i am attaching the snip of the run file.
  5. hi i tried to run the file you send me but it kept on saying error termination, did it run for you? thank you
  6. hello guys i have a problem on assigning property and material to the model you send me . i tried assigning new mat and prop to the b pillar on the ford taures model you attached me and when solving it kept on saying its normal termination and user termination but it doesnt give me all results. i am attaching you the radios file can you please check i couldn't figure out what the problem is .the changed components are part 62, part 63 and part 64. thank you Taurus-V002_0000.rad Taurus-V002_0001.rad
  7. thank you do you have dummy models for side impact
  8. in addition to that how dummy positioning works also, if you have ant tutorials please,
  9. Hello guys, How do you create side impact pole on hyper mesh, i was doing it by creating pole type rigid wall but it kept intercecting withe car so would you please help? Thank you
  10. thank you so much guys this is amazing, am really great full, i will keep in touch for further help.
  11. i am only going to focus on the b pillars and surrounding, i am okey with coarse mesh for the rest parts of the vehicle, do i have to re mesh every part of the vehicle to reduce the nodes ?
  12. hello dears, Do you happen to have any automobile models? since my objective is to use medium weight automobiles for the crash test, can you convert any automobile in to Radioss file for me just with less than 10000 or 100k nodes . I really appreciate all the effort you are putting in to supporting me. Best regards
  13. can you provide me with FE models that have less than 100k node no? thank you.
  14. i did try that to but it is more than that or are any finite element models of a vehicle that have less node no, the models that i have is ford taures and it is more than 100k
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