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  1. Thank you for your help. Sorry for long reply but this case was one of the problems that I was solving last time. Anyway I have one more question related to this issue. I need to perform optimisation (parametric/ size) on this model but OptiStruct shows the message that it is not possible to perform optimisation with transient load case. Is there any possibility to perform optimisation with load case described in my first post? I m going to minimise the total deformation of the turn table which is caused by the heat (transient load case).
  2. Dear Colleagues, I have a problem with heat transfer analysis. I am experienced with ANSYS thermal analyses and at the same time I am working with HyperWorks for a couple of years but it is my first more complex thermal problem that I am solving with HW. My problem is, I don’t know how to set properly the analysis Load collectors and steps. What I want to do: I have a part of a machine (rotating lathe table) which is heated by heat generated in bearings and motor. According to the norms I have performed on machine test and I need to reply this with FEA to obtain a model on which I can test construction changes. The machine has been working in a few timesteps, with different parameters. My question is how to set the Loadsteps to obtain a few substeps which are performed one after the other under the terms of the previous. Bellow I posted a shorten table of the experiment. The heat flux has been calculated analytically. Time [min.] heat flux [W/mm2] 0 – 30 hf1 30 – 60 hf2 60 – 120 hf3 ... After that I want to obtain the temperature distribution on the table and its deformation (displacements).
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