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  1. Peter_TRH


    Hi all, I’m trying to make a small model to show how pretension is working. For this I made a bolt and fixed it on both sides with DOF1-6 and added one pretension in the middle of the bolt. But it shows me deflection by 10^5. I expected a positive and a negative defection since the nodes at the spoint are copied an overlapped. Where is my error I reasoning? Thanks!
  2. Peter_TRH

    Postprocessing weird stress plots

    I have also treid it with quad4..same results.
  3. Peter_TRH

    Postprocessing weird stress plots

    It's vonMises, but I am getting same results at P1..but not at P3 One more information: I'am using 2D-Elements
  4. Peter_TRH

    Postprocessing weird stress plots

    Hi tinh, thanks for fast reply. I also tried this, but averaging makes it worse...
  5. Hi everyone, I am dealing with a Problem at Postprocessing I cannot handle. My stress pot looks weird (image attached). I am using QUAD8-elements and I apply a single force one one side an a clamp on the other side ( cantilever modell with a changed geometry) with a quasi-static Loadcase. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!! regards Peter
  6. Hi all, i’ve got a problem regarding understanding contact modelling in optistruct: I’s clear for me what the clearance is (overwriting the behavior that the contact is closed if the distance is greater than the initial distance). In my case I’ve the case that one surface is allowed to move towards another surface by 2mm. So my clearance is 2 (close the contact after 2mm of movement). The point I don’t get in this case is the SRCHDIS: If I define the contact, the master and the slave surfaces are already defined, for what reason I would need a SRCDIS in this case? I’m reading that this is the distance in which the opposite gap-node is searched. But if I chose SRCHDIS as f.e. 2mm than it would find other surfaces at every step as the contact surfaces move to each other. Whats my mistake? Can you give me maybe an example where the SRCHDIS is needed? Thanks in advance!! Peter