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  1. Hi, Thanks to all of you for your valuable time and efforts putting in helping others. I am very ashamed to raise this question because I originally wanted to complete it independently.However,i find it is a little difficult, so i I want to discuss with you to generate some inspiration. My goal is to generate a shell element grid for geometrically complex model,since the extracting midsurface may fail.I use upper(lower) surface to replace it. At first,i want to choose the main face,and use "by face" to get upper(lower) surface.But things are not as simple as imagined.It is difficulty to identify upper(lower) surface because facets are discontinuous in upper(lower) surface. Then i classify all facets by surface continuity("by face").I think the core issue is to determine which sets of faces are side.If all side faces are determined,it is easy to do next. Now my method is to choose the largest two faces(hm_getareaofsurface).I believe that these two faces are symmetrical up and down.Then find the group(classified by face) corresponding to these two faces.Then append "by adjacent" for these two group facets. If they have the same group facets,these group facets are side face,otherwise not add them in upper(lower) surface. I keep doing this until upper(lower) surface does not change. But this method has a lot of limitations.it can only be applied to quite symmetrical models.it may be wrong when a side face are created by two faces.it can not be used for complex model like sample.iges. I am grateful for any valuable ideas. Thank you very much!!! sample.iges
  2. Hi, Thanks to all of you for your valuable time and efforts putting in helping others. I want to improve mesh quality by using qulityindex,but the only api i can find to get the error info is hm_getelementsqualityinfo,which can not show the error element list. I think i have to get the error element list.Then i can improve mesh quality by using some apis like *elementqualitysplitelem elem_id. Could you give me some suggestions? Thank you very much!!!
  3. Thank you very much!!
  4. Hi, i want to know the precise number of selected surfaces.But i just find the command hm_count which does not support for "selected". i have to know the precise number because i want to automesh these surfaces in next step. like this: *createmark surfaces 1 1 *appendmark surfaces 1 "by face" *interactiveremeshsurf 1 0.25 2 2 2 1 1 for {set i 0} {$i < $numberofsurface} {incr i} { *set_meshfaceparams $i 2 2 0 0 1 0.5 1 1 *automesh 0 2 2 } So could you tell me a good method? Thank you very much!